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You may think your car has lost it’s shine for good. It likely just needs some level of paint correction. Paint correction is a very labor-intensive process that involves abrasive compounds & careful machine polishing in order to remove paint defects from your car’s clear coat. You’ll be amazed by the transformation your car can have with even our entry-level enhancement package. Get a free quote to restore your car’s showroom shine today!

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Paint Correction Packages

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Enhancement polish – $499*

Restores Significant Gloss & Clarity - ONE STEP

Our enhancement polish is designed to make a drastic change in your car’s gloss that has been lost due to swirls, oxidation, scratches, & other paint defects. It’s not designed to make the paint perfect again but it will bring your paint back to life!
1 year gel sealant (Daddy-0 paint sealant shine Supply)

Total Defects Removed

Correction polish – $999*

Showroom Finish - MULTI-STEP

No paint is perfect, but this package will bring you as close as possible to a perfect finish. The main difference between this and our enhancement polish is that this is a multi-step process including a cut step, polish step, and finishing step. Starting with the most aggressive to the least, we will carefully remove up to 95% of paint defects with this package!

1 year gel sealant (Daddy-0 paint sealant shine Supply)

Total Defects Removed

BEFORE paint correction

after paint correction

the finished product

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